About Preschool Education Institution

Kaunas kindergarten „Čiauškutis” is open since 1967. In the kindergarten there are 11 general groups: 9 preschool groups and 2 preprimary groups.

Today 205 children are going to this kindergarten. Children with special education needs are integrated into general groups.

The education of these children is taken care by the team of teachers and specialists: pedagogues, speech therapist, music and physical education teacher.


The curriculum aims to develop child’s cognitive, health, social, communicational, artistic competence. Our kindergarten is acknowledged as health supporting school. We are participating in an international program „Zipio draugai”, and implement life improvement and preventive programs.




Prancūzų st. 68A, Kaunas, Lithuania

Phone: +370 37 348039, +370 37 348196

Mail: ciauskutis.darzelis@gmail.com